Lucas Petrol Reserve Valves for Astons, Alvis, Armstrong Siddeley, Bristol, Jensen, Rover & many other Classic Cars

Lucas Petrol Reserve valves were introduced in 1938 or 39, they were fitted to a great many classic cars of the very late 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s & early 70s. Quite a neat little valve, they were built into 2 main styles of bodies, diamond shaped flange with 2 hole fixing & round shaped flange with 4 hole fixing.

All appear to be 12 volts operation according to the Lucas list, all appear to have basically the same parts within the 2 body styles.

See here for instructions on how to disconnect the carburettor supply pipe from the valve to avoid stripping thread in the body of the valve.

We only make new alloy anodised ethanol resistant (or as ethanol resistant as can be) bodies in the diamond shaped flange, 2 hole fixing style (straight or cranked tubes) shown which fit quite a lot of cars but we can recondition most valves with our new parts,

As long as the round shaped, 4 hole flange types are not badly corroded or damaged we can recondition those aswell, however we can provide an adaptor plate from the diamond shaped flange to the round flange if needed.

We have a copy of the Lucas Catalogue 400E so we can make up most combinations / valves on that list.


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