Aston Martin DB7 Parts

The DB7 i6 was introduced in October 1994, chassis no. AA 100001 on,

The DB7 Volante was introduced in October 1996, chassis no. AA SDV01 on

The DB7 i6  has a 24 valve, twin cam, 6 cylinder engine of  3.228cc, equipped with an Eaton 'Roots' type Supercharger.

The engine isn't quite the same as an AJ6 Jaguar XJS engine, it has a lowered compression (for the supercharger) with Cosworth pistons, Zytec engine management system,

The 5 Speed Manual gearbox is from Getrag, the Auto is a 4 speed from GM.

The DB7 Vantage was introduced in March 1999, Chassis No. AA300001 on.

The DB7 Vantage had a 420hp, 48 valve, single cam per bank, all alloy 5935cc V12 fitted, this was largely a Cosworth modular design.

Many of the basic parts are Jaguar, be careful though as minor detail changes have been specified.

For this reason we have our own DB7 parts lists, made up from information that we have gathered over a period of time.

Remember our prices on these pages include VAT @ 20%, if you are a resident outside the EU this tax is not charged. 



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