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Whats New is our page for new products & services (& News or Parts / Products) that we have introduced in the last few months, or parts that will be introducing in the next few months.

Hopefully we will keep this page updated every time we introduce some thing or have some news for you.

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Last update June 24

Note: we can now produce one off patterns & castings for most parts fitted to most classic cars, this starts with a CAD drawing

Lucas screen jet shaped cover plates are back in stock 18/06/24 

50097 Sender unit gaskets & a range of products designed to stop oil leaks from sump sender units on 2.6 & 3ltr DB & Lagonda engines (not DB MkIII), these were made some years ago for our workshop use

119471H, Case Hardened flat or plain washer to mount the brake disc or drum, does with 90126 capscrew.

90126 Brake disc mounting capscrews, drilled for lockwire, we have been making these for many years, they are now on our website

Horn Push upper back parts, conical spring, brass cup & copper dished discs the fit between black bakelite parts & sprung fitting, these parts are being made to replace parts that have been lost

59396 Vanity Mirror Frame & Glass in chromed alloy as original , fits on the back of the passenger sun visor, fits other classics but not sure what, not cheap but very good quality, they are in stock 12/12/23, the batch of 18 left are finished now.

Rain diverter (Triangular piece of glass) for Front Vent glass's (quarterlight glass to those who don't know what a Vent is) on DB MkIII - can be fitted to earlier models

Lagonda 2.6 & 3 ltr rear suspension trailing arm inner rubber ball socket, sold as a kit of 4 along with the fasteners / washers needed to fit them, £230 + vat for a car kit

Spark ignition lead / plug wire clamp 50304 now made & sold as a kit

Our brake master cylinder kits for the DB2 to DB MkIII range come with the large copper washer, no one else's does, you can buy the copper washer on its own from us, part number FGBMC/WasherWe do & have always stocked control & instrument cables for DB2 to MkIII, handbrake, throttle, choke, heater, bootlid, fuel filler flap, speedometer & rev counter, etc and any other there might be.

Just made the door top rain diverter as fitted to DB MkIIIs, 

We now can get Lucas 1/4 turn switches with the correct engraving, F, H , R, IL & PL.

We are working closely with Steve Smith of Vibration Free making a direct replacement damper for a DBS V8 & AM V8, this is a one time purchase lasting very much longer than the Metalastic dampers originally fitted, they with be sold on an exchange basis as they will fit the customers original hub, of course if the hub is chipped or damage in anyway there will be a replacement hub charge on top of the damper cost.  

Chris & Jean have joined the Bugatti Owners Club - why ? Prescott is local to us, Chris can easily ride there on his bike & Four Ashes have had ties with Bugatti's before, in 1954 - see History

We now have a Partner for rebuilding the wiper switches & wiper motors for the DB2 to DB6 Mk2 & possibly early DBS cars, please enquire 

New Four Ashes Products Due in Shortly or Available through us.

122248  grubscrew for locking eccentric pin position, specially made for Four Ashes

Special spanners for Steering wheel adjusting nut

72811 Steering wheel boss or hub.

59396 Vanity Mirror complete with glass, a batch of 20 has been commissioned

Sunvisor brackets / hinges, part number 56749, will be in stock June/July 2020, a batch of 20 has been commissioned,

We are going to produce a batch of 10 of the DB2/4 MkI interior lamps, these appear to have only been used by AM and no one else or nott that we know about up to now.

Back in stock again is the correct MkII & MkIII interior lamp with chrome edge part no. 78649

We are thinking of producing the Hella switched & unswitched base unit to go with our lens, the base unit would be from solid anodised alloy, brass terminals & sprung loaded switch instead pressed steel parts, expensive & very high quality as when its used as an underbonnet lamp it corrodes so if you to finish your restoration & have the part last !

Our new thermostat adaptor kit V2 is available now, it is a direct replacement for the original, comes with instructions.

Our Rear hub bearing conversion kit is available now, early September 2019

We are thinking of producing a DBS V8 mechanical fuel injection (69 to 73) cold start solenoid kit if there is enough interest, the solenoid fits at the front of the engine over the thermostat & the relay fits on the left front inner wing. This would be sold only as a solenoid & relay kit & replaces the following Bosch part numbers, it will have a manual overide for hot starting which is often a problem for these engines, it will come with full instructions for fitting & use.

New companion (axle pinion) flanges for DB2 to DBS6 & some DBS V8s, Jaguar XKs, E-Types, XJ6, XJ12, XJS & many other cars with Salisbury / Dana diff -- in std 10 spline & non std 26 spline which is all that is available now, 5 in stock of each, from 04/04/19 

We are able to supply new crown wheel & pinions in various ratios for 4HA axles from the DB2/4 MkII to the 1988 AM V8 & possibly some DB7's, companion flanges are supplied wherever needed to make them fit your axle.

We now stock an extensive range of through hardened & plated flat washers, 1/4", 5/16" for brake discs, brake drums & other things, 3/8", 7/16" & 1/2" , these aren't as expensive as you might think.

We are looking at making new MkIII toolkit screwdrivers over the winter, these were a Steadfast 14/3, an opaque yellow handled screwdriver about 5.5" long.

We are making new DB2 to MkIII distributor baseplates that take Cooper S points / DB6 25D type points that can be had in Quickfit style, this will make the points & condenser easier to change. This also allows us to use our old style electronic ignition system. Tested for 2000 miles now with no downsides.

DB2/4 MkII & DB MkIII scuttle vent gaiter clip 51643 in stainless (originally a tinned thin steel clip) now in stock, for a more authentic restoration.

Our latest thermostat adaptor kit is due in shortly, this differs from our original thermostat adaptor in that it is a direct replacement for the original brass thermostat & doesn't require any machining of the original thermostat housing, this adaptor is part of a kit with a choice of easily available, cheap, modern thermostats with a choice of 3 temperatures, 75°, 82° & 88° c, 75°c is the one we recommend for use in Europe, there are the 3 gaskets needed to fit the kit to your engine which are included in the kit,  Fits 2.6ltr & 3 ltr LB/VB6 series, DB series & later Lagonda 2.6 & 3ltr engines if they use the AM style thermostat housing. 

We supply & stock DB MkIIIb & DB4 Lucas L548 rear lamp parts, Chrome rims, amber indicator lens & red brake light lens, lens & lamp gaskets,rim screw kits, etc.

One thing we have missed which we have had in stock for some years, the front Vent / Quarterlight frame to glass sealing rubber.

For DB 2/4 MkII to DBS 6 axles without collapsible spacer, early 4 HA & 4 HU, we have now got all of the adjustment shims for the pinion & diff carrier in stock, some of these have been newly made for us, we also have most of the 3 HA ones for the DB2 to MkI & many other cars in stock, along with seals & bearings, etc for both types.

50268 flinger / water pump / intermediate spindle for VB6 series engines, in Stainless Steel will be in stock by the 25/09/18

DB2/4 MkII to DBS V8 bathtub shaped Hella lamp lens are now in stock (just the lens, because the original glass ones crack or break), come with LED festoon bulb as the new lens are made from plastic so it doesn't melt the lens, These will be in stock in September

New DB2/4 MkII & DB MkIII Saloon tailgate stays 54172, made & ready for chrome, we have also made a RH stay for a MkII Saloon that had a RH stay fitted by the AM Service Dept when almost new.  NOW IN STOCK we already make the spring 54205

We are making the DB2 & DB2/4 outsde passenger door lock & handle assembly, (including the lock barrel - hopefully), the drivers side outside door handle assembly will be ready at the same time, April / May 18, all parts except the barrel are Chrome on brass.

We are testing a new design of  sump gasket for the VB6 series 1st then the DB series engines, it is still made of a type / style of Nebar cork as original, it can't be crushed with the bolts, steel washers & alloy washers unlike the original, so once fitted correctly & tightened it shouldn't need any further attention.

Recently we have got Jean's MkIII DHC back on the road after a lengthy mechanical rebuild (Sept 17), after a small amount of use we broke down & realised that Hazard Warning lamps are now an essential fitting, several customers over recent months have had them fitted, we have fitted them to Jean's MkIII but using a better switch than the Lucas one (made in China), we have now got stock of this switch & they are now sold as a kit.

Neil has just made the panel beating buck to make the heater box for DB2 to early DB MkIII, this is part of our intention to make complete heater units to replace the missing ones from cars just under restoration at present., he has also made the base plate buck, both have to have alignment fittings installed to get repeatability. - 1st pair of heater boxes produced.

DB MkIII Flasher & Dipper stalk replacement plastic caps & buttons tips for original stalks, in stock now

DB2 to DB MkIII Original Style Choke / Mixture Control Cables,  in stock now March / April 18

DB2 to MkIII Original Heater Control cables, in stock now March / April 18.

Fuel & Brake pipe mounting blocks, they come in pairs & are virtually the correct colour as original, they come with a strengthening plate, bolt & washers, please be aware the fuel pipes are not the same size as DB4 on.

DB2 to DB MkIII Fuel pipe clamp blocks, RHD, Now in stock March 18

DB2 to DB MkIII Brake pipe clamp blocks RHD, Now in stock March 18

DB2 to DB MkIII Combined Brake & Fuel pipe clamp blocks, for LHD cars, Now in stock March 18

New Four Ashes Products Recently introduced.

MkII & MkIII Scuttle side vent reinfocing bracket, this stops the paint cracking around the side air vent on MkII's & MkIII's, not listed in the parts book so it doesn't have a part number, see MkIII body fittings inc oddities.

DB7 Vantage & Vantage Volante rear apron / bumper stays / brackets LH & RH, in stainless steel, suits Federal & Non Federal models - introduced in July 17. 

A 52mm two eared wire wheel 'spinner spanner' that uses nylon bobbins to protect the wheel spinner ears, it uses a 27mm socket & breaker bar to undo the 'spinners' & a torque wrench to do them up (not supplied) , this joins its smaller 42mm brother for undoing / doing up the knock on wire wheel spinners on 42mm hubs.

DB2 to MkIII Kingpin Roller Bearing Thrust kit, replaces 55050, 55051, 77086 & 76802, we have been fitting these since 2005, we have now made them into a kit now.


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