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37-2502 DB7 & DB7 Vantage steering rack bush removal tool

  • Manufactuers Part No: 37-2502
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37-2502 DB7 & DB7 Vantage 'on the car' steering rack bush removal tool for hire, this does the job of JD-165, this is a heavy duty mechanics tool made for workshop use to remove the stubborn steering rack bushes, not to be confused with cheaper tools. but if you only want a one off use buy a cheap DIY one from Moss Motors

This tool neatly removes OEM-type bushings without the use of air chisels, sledge hammers or salty language, doesn't damage the rack housing. Poly bushings basically slide in with hand pressure, but to remove OEM bushings, you really need this tool.

this will be a production item soon if we have enough interest. more of a workshop tool unless you buy & share


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