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New Lucas Reserve Valves for a great many Classics, consisting of 23 or 24 individual parts.depending on spec + the gasket.& 2 x brass fastening screws & sealing washers.if required

Instruction leaflets for fitting are now provided with each reserve valve, because we had to repair one unit twice because of poor fitting.

We have made quite a lot of special tooling including press tools to make these new valves up, all parts are now made new.

We now have a comprehensive booklet containing the tube measurements & bends if required of a great many cars.

Lucas Fuel Reserve valves are normally fairly reliable, the main problems being faulty solenoids which, on an Aston, can burn out the wiring loom at best & set fire to the car at worst case, the other problem now is fuel varnish / gum which stops the ball moving, also bodies are corroding more now with modern fuels.

Old bodies are often so badly corroded & damaged they can no longer be reconditioned,

Another problem is split tubes, these split & stop the fuel pumps sucking fuel once the split is uncovered by the lowered fuel level.

When we get the valves for reconditioning the worst cases are when the valves are partially stripped & damaged, because of this they cannot be reconditioned , we much prefer to have them complete, not stripped & undamaged, then tubes can be measured if we have no record of that valve, then new units ones can be assembled.

The advantages of our new valves are:

Our new bodies are Anodised to help stop the onset of corrosion & varnish sticking the ball in its housing.

The tubes are new brass giving an expected life of 40 years +. sometimes we use copper if its very tricky to bend.

All parts are fairly resistant against modern fuels with ethanol in it., 

The normal fitting to the fuel pipe is a 1/4 bsp male union taking a 1/4 bsp female nut, however for higher flowing applications we can offer a 3/8 bsp male union, we can also supply the 3/8 bsp female nut, solder nipple & 3/8" od copper pipe, or plastic pipes with nipples to suit.

We can make up new valves to suit cars which didn't originally have a valve providing you have enough space & the tank can be modified.


New Lucas Fuel Reserve Valves
Completely new Lucas fuel reserve valves as fitted to a lot of British classics (as original except the pipe size, material &...
Actual Price: 
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DB2 New Lucas Reserve Valve
New DB2 Reserve valve, Saloon or DHC is the same part All new parts, anodised main body to resist attack by ethanol & the elements, passivate plated components where original , some parts are nickel plated as original
Actual Price:  £556.80
More info

DB 2/4 New Lucas Fuel Reserve Valve
New Lucas DB2/4 MkI & MkII reserve valves, Saloon, FHC (MkII) or DHC is the same part nmber All new parts, anodised main...
Actual Price:  £556.80
More info

DB Mk III New Lucas Fuel Reserve Valve, the shorter one
New Lucas reserve Valve (Actually main tank unit, the shorter one) for DB MkIII, Saloon, DHC or FHC, All new parts, anodised...
Actual Price:  £531.00
More info

DB Mk III New Fuel Tank Reserve Unit, the longer one
new Resrve Fuel tank supply unit for DB MkIII, not the one with the solenoid, the other one that connects into the fuel line,...
Actual Price: 
More info

DB4, 5 & 6 Saloon New Lucas Fuel Reserve Valve
 Completely new Lucas fuel reserve valves for DB4 Saloon to DB6 Saloon, the basic valve is as fitted to a lot of British cars from the 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s
Actual Price:  £556.80
More info

DB4 Convertible New Lucas Fuel Reserve Valve
New reserve valve for DB4 Convertible POA...
Actual Price: 
More info

DB5 Convertible & DB6 Volante New Lucas Fuel Reserve Valve
New Lucas reserve valve for DB5 Convertible & DB6 Volante, one valve per tank with switch over (not supplied) so there are  RH or LH tank types £487
Actual Price:  £585.00
More info

DBS 6 New Lucas Fuel Reserve Valve
New reserve valve for DBS 6, tricky to make with large radius bent pipes, ALL parts are new. £490 + taxes  ...
Actual Price:  £588.00
More info

Bristol 403 Lucas Fuel Reserve Valve
New Bristol 403 reserve valve, fits other Bristols aswell RRP from £464 + taxes...
Actual Price: 
More info

Bristol 407/408/409 & possibly 410 reserve valve
 Bristol 407/408/409 & possibly 410 reserve valve, may fit other Bristol models aswell RRP £464 + taxes...
Actual Price: 
More info

Rover P3 (Sixty & Seventy Five )New Reserve Valve
Rover P3 Lucas style reserve valve, 1948-49, all new parts, tested electrically & mechanically £464.00 + taxes...
Actual Price:  £544.80
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