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Whats New is our page for new products that we have introduced in the last few weeks, or parts that will be introducing in the next few weeks.

Hopefully we will keep this page updated every time we introduce some thing or have some news for you.

Many Thanks for Looking at our Website.

New Four Ashes Products Due in Shortly.

54172 MkII & MkIII stay assembly, trunk (boot) lid N/S is now being made in steel then chromed as original, we already make the spring 54205.

Just making the panel beating buck to make th heater box for DB2 to early DB MkIII, this is part of our intention to make complete heater units to replace the missing ones from cars just under restoration at present.

DB MkIII Flasher & Dipper stalk replacement plastic caps & buttons tips for original stalks, due very shortly, mid Sept 2017

DB2 to DB MkIII Original Style Choke / Mixture Control Cables, due in mid Sept 17

DB2 to MkIII Original Heater Control cables, due in by mid Sep 17.

DB2 to DB MkIII Fuel pipe clamp blocks, RHD, sold in pairs, similar to original, due in mid Sept.

DB2 to DB MkIII Brake pipe clamp blocks RHD, sold in pairs, similar to original, due in mid Sept.

DB2 to DB MkIII Combined Brake & Fuel pipe clamp blocks, for LHD cars, due in mid Sept.

New Four Ashes Products Recently introduced.

Scuttle side vent reinfocing bracket, this stops the paint cracking around the side air vent on MkII's & MkIII's, not listed in the parts book so it doesn't have a part number, see MkIII body fittings inc oddities.

DB7 Vantage & Vantage Volante rear apron / bumper stays / brackets LH & RH, in stainless steel, suits Federal & Non Federal models - introduced in July 17. 

A 52mm two eared wire wheel 'spinner spanner' that uses nylon bobbins to protect the wheel spinner ears, it uses a 27mm socket & breaker bar to undo the 'spinners' & a torque wrench to do them up (not supplied) , this joins its smaller 42mm brother for undoing / doing up the knock on wire wheel spinners on 42mm hubs.

DB2 to MkIII Kingpin Roller Bearing Thrust kit, replaces 55050, 55051, 77086 & 76802, we have been fitting these since 2005, we have now made them into a kit now.

More Notes on Gearboxes & Gearbox Rebuilding

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