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The suspension on a DB2 to DB MkIII is by unique triple trailing arms with a long shaft within a transverse alloy housing / crosstube which is supported by roller at the outer end & ball bearings for the inner end, this is lubricated by oil within the alloy housing, the alloy housings are bare alloy.

The steering pivot is also mounted to the 'crosstube' and lubricated from it.

There is a top bush mounted upper / outer trailing arm front pivot with inner trailing arm /  damper arm,  with adjustable 'for caster only' eccentric pins on the rear upper trailing arms on the upright.

Anti Roll bar is mounted within the transverse alloy housing 'crosstube'.


Front Suspension DB2 to MkIII Rear Suspension DB2 to MkIIIOriginal DB2 to DB MkIII Steering system - with steering boxHubs & Bearings
Lagonda 2.6 & 3ltr rack parts (when used on a DB2 series& other vehicles steering systems Steering Column Parts

Anti Roll bars DB2 to MkIII
Front anti roll bars in 3 sizes, largest of which has to have suspension alloy housings  dismantled to fit & remove,...
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Silentbloc bushes, complete set of suspension & body bushes
Complete set of Silentblock bushes; Set of rear suspension bushes for Aston Martin DB2 models, DB2/4 MkI & MkII models, DB...
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Steering Wheel Boss DB2
Steering Wheel Boss for DB2 (pinch bolt type), machined in high quality alloy, painted in tough 2 pack black paint, uses 1/4" unc screws rather than 3/16" rivets
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Steering Wheel lock nut DB2/4 MkI to MkIII
Steering Wheel lock nut for adjustable steering wheel hubs fitted to DB2/4 MkI to DB MkIII, DB2s should have 'pinch bolt' type similar to DB4 on
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