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Manufacturers Part No RHD:  72296
Manufacturers Part No LHD:  72297
Manufacturers Description:  Cable, Mixture Control
Our Price Includes VAT @:  20%
Actual Price: 


Choke or Mixture Control cable, non locking, DB2 to MkII

Choke cable / mixture control cable, non locking, has large black 'C' on white background within the black knob exacttly as original, as per photo & DB2 to DB 2/4 MkII & Mk III Parts Book illustrations which also shows the colours & virtually the shape.

We think it fits other cars but can't work out what !!

Fits DB2 to DB MkIII

Part No. 72296 RHD & 72297 LHD, specify which on email or phone call

 Not a modern facsimile of the original as our competitors supply !!

 The final photo is from an original DB MkIII Saloon that still has only 27500 miles on the Odometer.

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