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Race Preparation & Support for DB2 to DB MkIII & other interesting Sports cars. Builder & Preparer of possibly the fastest DB2 ever, 8 EMU, LML/50/163, Owner's of 'Possibly the Most Successful DB2 ever MYT 625, LML/50/181' Preparers of UWL 333, LML/528 - 'The Most Raced DB2/4 in Existence' between 2001 & 2009, its most successful recent period.

Please note that we are Independent Aston Martin Specialists & have no connection with Aston Martin themselves other than selling their parts.

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Chris's motorsport background is extensive.
This has been gained over many years working initially on DB2s at Four Ashes. He worked on the garage racing DB2, MYT 625, within the first week of starting at 16yrs old, building cylinder heads at 17, and building complete race wining engines at 18 yrs old.

Chris drove Jack Moss's own DB MkIII (803 HRY) in his 1st sprint, September Curborough 1980 & won a trophy 1st time out, albeit on handicap.

Working for himself from 1984 on, Chris modified cars for himself & several customers that enabled them to have considerable successes in racing & hillclimbing/sprinting, this then culminated in 2 years in Ireland he was preparing rear wheel drive tarmac rally cars, mainly Opel Manta 400's in the Toshiba Rally Championship  and Manta A's in the Dunlop Historic Rally Championship.  The Manta 400's (one of them was the ex Austin McHale Black car) he prepared often kept up with, and sometimes beat some of the front running GP A and early WRC cars, one customer coming second in the Toshiba Rally Championship in 1999.

He also hillclimbed a Manta 400 rally car (ex Bertie Fisher) in 1997 in 3 Irish events, the 1st being celebrated Ballyvaughan hill at 2.2 miles long, nearly beating the owner a day later on the Corkscrew hillclimb & again a few weeks later on the Dungarvan hillclimb despite never having seen the hills before, he then competed extensively in the 1998 Irish Dunlop Historic series in a rare Mini Marcos race car which he & a mate rebuilt for a customer.

Back at Four Ashes since late 1999, then buying the Company in January 2004 with his then partner, now wife, Jean, you can also have the benefit of this experience on your road, race or rally car.

Present Projects include:

March & April 2017

Building / updating an ex Goodwood racecar (this car was modified some years ago) Phase One Standard Vanguard into a front running HRDC racecar for Andrew Sharp, which in its 1st race with Chris preparing it, started 28th & finished 28th with Andy driving the 2nd stint of the race with a best of 1.38s

April 2016

The DB2, 8 EMU finished 


Part rebuilding & preparing a Jowett Javelin, now currently racing in HRDC Touring Car Greats series 

September 2014,

Rebuilding the only DBS V8 with FIA homolation papers, previously campaigned by Richard Butler, to a good racing spec for the Daytona 24 hour Classic in November 2014, it was actually largely built by a n other supposed Aston specialist as a (rather poorly prepared) race / road car, they also prepared Glynn Allen's DB2 rather poorly aswell, we had to rebuild the engine, gearbox, etc on at properly aswell.

Recent Projects include,

July Silverstone Classic 2014, Andrew Sharp's DB2, 8 EMU came home in a superb 13th place, 3rd Aston home, 1st Aston production car home, 1st closed car home in the race, we had a few problems after practice with leaking brake master cylinders, after fitting new master cylinders Chris cleaned the fuel filters & made a few small adjustments, in the race Andy was around 2.5seconds faster than his pevious DB2 lap record on the GP circuiit, a full 5.5 seconds faster a lap than Chris Jolly's DB2 prepared by Wren Classics.

Andy had a race long duel with Mark Midgely / Chris Woodgate's DB3, Mark & Chris changed drivers in 12 seconds whilst Andy had to do the mandatory 30second pit stop for single drivers, Andy got within 2 seconds of Chris before finishing just over 4 seconds behind Chris who finished in 12th place.

June 2014, a replica Mini Cooper S that races in the HRDC Allstars series, the owner was regularly qualifying & finishing in 12th or 13th place, we checked the car over & revised the suspension geometry, next time out at Brands Hatch he qualified 5th & finished 7th, for the next race at Rockingham a few more tweaks were carried out, this gave him pole in  damp conditions, finishing 5th in the race in dry conditions.

Glynn Allen's lightweight DB2 Le Mans (Works Replica DB2) had its 2.6ltr engine rebuilt by us early in 2014, we then rebuilt the gearbox & many other parts of the car including supplying new front brake drums.

A DB2 that had supposedly been fully rebuilt (from the adverts) was inspected for our customer at the storage premises of the Brokerage, the report & a very rough estimate / budget of costs for repair to a high standard of mechanical's were put together from that report ( the car having been rebuilt by non Aston specialists), a deal was done between the owner, the new owner & the Brokerage  for the roughly correct price for the car.

The car was shipped to us just before Christmas 2012 & the engine, gearbox, axle, brakes & steering stripped rebuilt to the Four Ashes 'Correct Way' & was finished ready for its 1st rally in April, he has done several rallies since.

We have had Jim Campbell's DB2/4 MkI back in for the 2nd time since we rebuilt it (in December 2009), the 1st  for a check over of the brakes & car generally producing a largish list, the brakes had lots of things wrong with them inc the wrong brake linings supplied by Typecast, new special shoes were manufactured by Chris & fitted with some high perfomance linings which hopefully will cure the problem, the 2nd time we fitted a new tubular exhaust manifold that we have developed, this gave more mid range power than before.

Much to some peoples annoyance we completed the 1st works beforeChristmas 2012 & he picked the car up before Christmas, he won his bet with them !

AMOC and Club Race Preparation

We can prepare your Aston Martin for racing or speed events whether you are a novice or seasoned competitor.
We can advise on all requirements required including items crucial for safety. Our parts department can supply all your requirements from an FIA battery master switch to organising an FIA legal rollcage fitted around the full trim. We have the equipment required to get the maximum out of your suspension be it suspension setup, spring rates, suspension angle analysis, centre of gravity location, corner weights and so on.

Whether your engine is standard or modified we can tune it to achieve its maximum performance. When finished, we can test the car locally and give advice on how to achieve the next level. We have extensive experience helping customers get the best from their car as the following letter testifies;

"Dear Chris,

On behalf of Nick and myself I would like to thank you, Jean and all the team at Four Ashes for the great job you have done on the MkIII As you know the car performed well up to expectations at Oulton I must congratulate you on the superb result of the DB2 you rebuilt, which along with the excellent quality of workmanship demonstrates all the hard work was well worthwile. With this in mind the future looks bright.

Best Regards

David Ruddell
11th October 2005

International Historic Motorsport

For the more serious competitor we can both modify your car to comply with specific regulations and incorporate our own modifications and parts. We have done this with remarkable success with the DB2 '8 EMU' LML/50/163 building it in 2005 from mainly standard parts but put together properly, and also to a lesser extent of success with Donald Flatt's well known DB2/4 Mk 1 (UWL 333) 'the most successful DB2/4 in the world' & 'most raced Aston Martin DB2/4 in existence', (Donalds words not ours).

We prepared Donald's car for UK and International events some 8 years from 2001 to 2009, keeping it very competitive on a very limited budget from Donald with only 1 retirement, this extensive period of success for  Donald came about after sorting out the problems caused by other preparers he used after he took it away from Jack Moss & Four Ashes in the early 90's. Eventually the engine broke its Farndon billet crank (incorrectly designed for a six cylinder engine, all fully counter balanced cranks are, this was fitted before we took over)  in 2010 after we finished preparing it in 2009 & DK Engineering took over preparation. Four Ashes also looked after the car when Peter Riley owned it before Donald & gave Peter a reliable car in which he also had a large amount of success, Note : Donald still owes us a great deal of money from 2007.

The DB2, registration no. 8 EMU, has completed two Spa Six Hour Races - thats right, two full Six Hour Races, if you want this sort of preparation read on!!

The car was built into a racecar from a wreck in just 8 months in 2005, with the Spa Six Hour race its 2nd event, the owner qualified 47th out of 90+ starters & finished in 27th place, in its 3rd race a week later the owner qualified it on pole by over 10 seconds & after edging out to a 20 second lead dropped back to a lead of 10 seconds at the  flag.
We went back to the Spa Six Hours in Sept 2008 with the same car, started from the back of the grid after missing practice due to a hasty head rebuild in the pit & finished 32nd overall after the two Eau Rouge competitors that finished in front of it & the disqualified 3rd placed Porsche 911 had been taken out of the results. The owner & other driver were ecstatic this time around ! It also won its class & was the first & only Aston home & that finished (excepting the DB4 that finished in the Eau Rouge Trophy).

With Woodcote Trophy events & Mark Campbell's 50s sports car events (when we get asked to go) we offer support & hospitality.

We can build you a complete, competitive front running car in it's class.

We can also look after it for you, both at events and in between them.

Our speciality is Feltham cars and FIA events like the Spa Six Hour since 2005, every Le Mans Classic and every Le Mans Legends where 1950s cars are invited & Duncan Wiltshires Motor Racing Legends Woodcote Trophy at which we have been ever present since the two latter events / series started.
We used to look after a Riley 1.5 in Top Hat racing, the owner having to pepare his own car due to the recession, we occasionally look after a Morgan in HSCC racing, we also prepared a Jaguar engined Healey Silverstone and a pre-war Delage for hillclimbing very successfully for the same owner.

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