Cooling & Heater system

DB2 to 2/4 MkII Cooling System Overview. © Four Ashes Garage 2012

The cooling system on a DB2 to MkII is a fairly simple system that works very well if kept in good condition, it has a capacity of 24 UK Pints or 13.63 ltrs.

The radiator is a brass & copper one with the header tank on the top of the radiator, the system is pressurised to 4lbs,

The water pump is driven by a shaft from the timing gear & is at 1/2 engine speed. The only faults that normally occur with the water pump are:

Wear on the thrust washer on the impellor, this is an easily replaceable part that pulls off & presses onto the impellor, it needs to fitted with a new gland seal.

If the gland seal behind the impellor leaks there is a dribble from the 'weep hole' behind the ignition coil (on the same side as the carbs) on the timing case, if the 'weep hole' is blocked up there is a good chance that the coolant will then leak into the lubrication system with similar symptoms as a leaking head gasket. 



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