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Alloy Radiators, DB2 To MkIII

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We stock 2 types of 'Andron' style Welded Alloy radiators that are 15  to 20% better cooling capacity then the original Aston Martin brass & copper radiator when in 'just recored' state, they are considerably lighter than the orignal unit.

Type 1 in the original style DB2 & MkI radiator with the threaded boss for the temperature sender bulb by the side of the top hose connection.

Type 2 in the original style DB2/4 MkII & DB MkIII radiator without the temperature sender threaded boss by the side of the top hose connection, this uses the Temperature sender capilary bulb fitting which is on the engine thermostat housing, as fitted to the DB2/4 MkII & DB MkIII. This is more desirable (even if not original on DB2 & MkI engines) as if the rad reads 100° c, the temperature of the engine must be much more !! and its too late to stop an engine failure then

See our thermostat housings, thermostat adaptors & pigs snouts.

We now make an alloy radiator with approx 30% more coolant capacity so it is even more efficient keeping your engine cool, available in 2 types, for DB2 & MkI or MkII & MkIII


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