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Nickel Plated Heater Pipes DB2 to DB MkIII To Late 1958

  • Manufacturers Description: Pipe, Return, Water
  • Manufacturers Part No Long: 57736
  • Manufacturers Part No Short: 57735
  • Our Price includes VAT @: 20%
  • Actual Price:


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Dull Nickel Plated copper Heater pipes DB2 up to DB MkIII late 1958, all fitted with 'rounded edge' Heater box with the round heater matrix that has the heater pipes exiting from the top.

Copper tube instead of brass (as its more durable) then Dull Nickel Plated as original, not like stainless ones other suppliers are selling.

The copper tube is bent with very tight 1.5" radius bends (as original) on a 1.5" rad mandrel bender which produces a almost perfect bend with no ripples inside or out & minimum loss of tube dia.

They are finished after bending with a rolled bead and finally plated after being checked for dimensions & fit on a dummy engine.

Part No. 57736 long pipe, heater return.

Part No. 57735 short pipe, heater feed / inlet

The later MkIII (post 58) with the square edged heater & rectangular heater matrix that has pipes exiting horizontally needs these pipes