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50083K, Thermostat Adaptor Kit (V2) for Thermostat Housing to Stat, DB2 to DB MkIII, Lagonda 2.6 & 3ltr, LB/VB6/DB series engines

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  • Manufacturers Part No: 50083K
  • Mnaufacturers Description: Replacement Thermostat Kit
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NOTE the new type thermostat adaptor has been tested on a trip to the Goodwood Revival September 13th /15th 2018 in Jean's MkIII DHC, it works well even in very slow traffic for 2 hrs whilst queuing to get in the venue so the 1st ones are being delivered to very patient customers, we have sold around 140 of V1 & V2 now.

Our Thermostat housing adaptor kit replaces the original brass thermostat that was fitted to the DB2 to DB MkIII & Lagonda 2.6l & 3tr models, which is no longer available, the V2 kit is a direct fit with no machining needed.

The original part is similar to a Rolls Royce / Bentley part - these however retail between £147 for the 88°c & £174 for the 78° c, both + VAT of course & when changing temperatures you need to buy another thermostat at the above prices.

Our Unique Patented (Design © Four Ashes Garage Ltd 2012) Alloy Casting / CNC machined thermostat adaptor is a once only purchase, it is cast in Heat Treated LM25 alloy, machined then anodised to reduce corrosion, which then takes a Jaguar XJ6 thermostat which is about £7.50, available in 3 temperature's, 74°, 82° & 88°.

This adaptor makes the coolant bypass system work properly for a faster warmup, then an even temperature control

How the original thermostat & our new thermostat adaptor kits work. Further reading can be found on US or Australian websites, Coolcat Corp , Tridon in Australia and scroll down to page 8

When the engine is cold the thermostat itself is closed & the bypass valve plate is open, during the warmup period the coolant flows around the engine via the bypass pipe (mounted behind the dynamo) with very little coolant flowing through the radiator.

When the engine is warm the thermostat opens at the prescribed temperature (normally 74°, 82° or 88°c) & the bypass valve plate on the stat  closes off the bypass circuit as the original thermostat did, with coolant now flowing through the radiator not through the bypass circuit.

This keeps engine working correctly as designed, hopefully cooling the engine with a good cooling system ! About 95% of the coolant flows though the radiator when the thermostat is working correctly,  not just around & around the engine (as with no thermostat or the disc style thermostat).

Typically drops engine temps from an incorrect type thermostat (the modern disc style thermostat as supplied by other Dealers / Specialists)  by 10 to 15°c when we tested the system.

Easy to fit with the 3 housing gaskets needed to remove the Thermostat housing, no alterations to the housing needed.

We have the 3rd batch of 64 (we sold our 1st & 2nd batches of 71 of these in a couple of years) will be in stock shortly.

A 75° stat was fitted with one of our V1 adaptors to a MkIII and then driven for over 4 years now inc from England to Portugal & back to England twice, the temp was about 72° constant, with a total of about 10,000 miles.

Not cheap but only buy once !, fitting instructions are provided

This part also fits certain Rolls Royce & Bentley six cylinder cars 1946 to 1965, there is the original Rolls part - these retail between £147 for the 88°c & £174 for the 78° c, both + VAT of course


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