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Our specialist knowledge is for vehicles ranging from the DB2 through to the DB7 (excepting Virage & Vanquish) including service, maintenance & parts.

We have amassed a large amount of unique information over the past 40 + years on the DB2 to DB MkIII range, these include:

Many original bulletins from the Factories development & service dept of that era, these have never been published anywhere,

Salisbury (the original manufactuer of) DB2 to MkIII axle drawings, DB2 chassis drawings, Engine block & crank drawings, some AML suspension drawings,

DB2 gearbox drawings & service notes,

Girling & Dunlop brake technical notes & service bulletins,

These, added to our own findings this makes us one of the leading specialists on Feltham cars, (we own some DB2's aswell !), we have made most of the very specialist tools required to work on these cars. (If any supposed specialist tells you that you can rebuild Aston DB2 to MkIII's without a large amount of special tools, walk away, they will damage your car)

We have most, including some early Factory pre- production DB4 testing / findings / recommendations / dyno sheets & early internal service / build recommendation's, if not all of the original service bulletins from the DB4 to the mid 80s V8, combined with our experience of a large amount of Newport Pagnell 6 cylinder cars along with a lot of specialist tools also gives us a unique specialist expertise in this era aswell.

Over the years Chris has worked on many XJS & Jaguar related projects, along the way he has amassed a fair bit of knowledge, tools & expertise on these cars, this is giving us a insight into DB7's and their problems.

Please note: We don't give technical specs & advice out now as we have recently learn't our lesson - our specialised knowledge was hard won at great cost, please don't ask as refusal might offend.

General work including full rebuilds.

We can carry out:

Engine rebuilding services for the DB2 to AMV8 (80s type). Unleaded head conversions. STD, Mildly Modified up to Race specifications dependant on your requirements.

Axle Rebuilds for DB2 to DB7.

Gearbox rebuilds from DB2 to Aston Martin V8 ZF

Electrical services including rewires.

Basic Tracking

Suspension rebuilds & Full suspension set up using:

Our Beisbarth infra-red camera 4 wheel alignment system (ex Porsche Solihull who were on the original Four Ashes Garage site), the Porsche adaptors have been adapted to centre lock wheels for DB2 to DBS, we use TruAlign™ precison wheel adaptor plates for DBS & AM V8 (all types of stud arrangement) & DB7 wheels to avoid any damage to the alloy rims & keeps the whole kit well away from the bodywork.

Angles Measured:

  • Total toe, front (F) and rear (R)
  • Individual toe, F and R
  • Camber, F and R
  • Caster, F and R (where applicable)
  • Wheel setback
  • Thrust angle (Geometric Drive Axis)
  • Kingpin inclination (Steering axis inclination)
  • Toe-out on turns
  • Total steering lock
  • Rear axle offset
  • Wheel axle offset at rear axle
  • Track width difference
  • Lateral offset per rear wheel
  • Wheel base difference

State of the art cornerweight scales with memory & computer link if required,

Wheelforce 1900 4 wheel track / axle alignment / castor / camber gauges when the Beisbarth system is a little to complex, still using the TruAlign adaptors.

We supply, fit & balance tyres in-house, either off the car or on car (using our newly acquired but ancient Laycock Mk2 on-car wheel balancer) for difficult vehicles.

Distributor rebuilds using our reconditioned Sun Distributor tester, we have most original specs on file, however if its a Feltham car the specs were wrong when new, which often resulted in premature engine failure.

We are proud of the fact that we are one of the few Aston Martin specialists that can carry out more than 65% of any rebuild in house.

We now only tackle one full rebuild at a time, the MkIII featured in the photo's is one we part restored in 2007, it fetched over £207,000 at RM Auctions in 2010

Please note that we are Independent Aston Martin Specialists & have no connection with Aston Martin themselves other than selling their parts.

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