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Rebuilding Lucas Distributors for DB2 to MkIII engines

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Having had a few Lucas Distributors for DB2 & DB2/4s rebuilt & not being impressed with the quality only the look, we bought a Sun Distributor Testing bench off Ebay, it took two weeks to arrive & two years to rebuild so that it could be used with 240 volts, the USA use 110 volts but different hertz, it runs to just under 6000 crankshaft rpm which is what we wanted.

We looked up the Distributor types listed in our Lucas Catalogue E, then looked up the curves in our Sun Tuning Data, other books & on the internet.

Armed with our Dyno testing knowledge of what we needed from our rebuilt distributors for Aston Martin DB2 to MkIII engines, we set about carrying out some testing, we then had 160 special springs made to the style of these early springs.

We found with the Sun bench & our dyno operators help that if we assembled the distributor correctly we could run well beyond 6000 rpm, the distributor that was rebuilt by RAT Autotune rolling road in 1985 for Chris & Jean's own DB2 UHE 222 ran up to 6800 before points bounce.

We now regularly rebuild original Lucas Aston Martin distributors to more exacting (correct for engine reliabilty, not as original) standards than when new.

Please note that we are Independent Aston Martin Specialists & have no connection with Aston Martin themselves other than selling their parts.

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