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DB MkIII Dip 53376 And Indicator 53375 Switches Repaired

  • Manufactuers Part No: 53376
  • Manufacturers Part No: 53375
  • Our Price includes VAT @: 20%
  • Actual Price:


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These switches have been unavailable & unrepairable for some time, however we now have a couple of permanent solutions.

or you can just use these whilst finding some more original ones.

1, we offer to rebuild your original unit using a new oe style switch, utilising the original stalk. These give the correct 'feel' and range of movement. 4 cars have had the switches repaired by fitting the original stalks to our switches so far.

2, we can fit one of our new replacement stalks to your existing indicator switch IF your switch is capable of being rebuilt just by fitting a new stalk,

neither is not cheap as it takes a long morning to do either one so priced by the hour at std hourly rate + parts used, we have just made a further 14 arms for repaired & new swiches.

3, we can strip, clean & reassemble your existing unit if it has intermittent wiring connections - see the note below about the relay in the dipswitch wiring to stop internal terminals being damaged

The switch 1 comes with a conversion bracket, a relay a wiring diagram for the switch & relay to use the new switch.

Please note that we have found that the original Dipswitch should be wired through a relay so that the Dipswitch only takes switching current not headlamp main current, this should make them last a lot longer.  SEE HERE for wiring diagram.

We haven't yet sourced a replacement push button microswitch if this has failed, but it's in progress.

See Dipswitch & Indicator arms for complete replacement arms including the arm, switch, bracket's & wiring diagram for alterations, Excludes the Plastic cap & Centre pin.

Price is per switch inc VAT, does not include new caps & buttons of the cap wiring, however these can now be supplied at a separate charge


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