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Rover 10 hp 1939 to 1947 Petrol Reserve Valve

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New Rover 10 hp 1939 to 1947 Petrol Reserve Valve, has 10.125" long main pipe, 11.25" Reserve Valve from the mounting face of the original valve, 1/4 BSP outlet aall built onto a conversion plate from our STD diamond shape 2 screw body to the large round 4 screw type as used on the car, this makes the valve slightly taller.

A lot of parts & quite a bit of work goes into making these

Approx price £477.29 + vat

As Ethanol proof as we can make them

These pipes can be made 1/8" shorter as our samples are required to be.

We can also recondition your existing one but they won't be Ethanol resistant