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Safety Warning - Rear Hub / Halfshaft Breakage / Failure, DB2, DB2/4, DB MkIII & Jaguar Mk1 & 2


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Salisbury 3HA & 4HA axles & all modern derivatives, used for racing & rallying.

Moving on from our rear halfshaft hub nut failure, then buying in halfshaft's made with sloppy tolerances, we then lost a rear wheel on our race car.

This was caused by a breakage of the shaft between the outer bearing & the taper fit rear hub, exacerbated by the end of the slot machined in the shaft for the key.

Because of this design the hub & wheel assembly acts as a large lever / bending load on the 12mm or so of unsupported halfshaft between the hub & outer hub bearing, this fractures & causes the rear wheel to fall off, sometimes with disastrous consequences as in our case,  the faster & heavier the car, the worse the problem.

This leverage also causes the halfshafts to fail between the outer bearing & the diff splines / diff unit because of the bending loads, which is the more common problem. This just causes the drive train to fail & the car grinds to a halt at best, at worst it can cause a large accident if in race traffic or cornering hard.

Our new design of Halfshaft, Hub Bearing Housing, Hub & associated items solves these problems, it converts the typical Aston, Jaguar, Bristol, Jensen, etc Salisbury axle from semi-floating hub to almost fully floating hub as it only uses one large dia bearing - see Wikipedia and jump to Semi Floating vs Fully Floating on the page.

Available for Aston Martin DB2, DB2/4, Jaguar MkI & Mk2 or any other Jaguar using Salisbury 3HA axle or one of the modern replacement units.  

Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk II & MkIII 4 HA axle units will be available shortly.

Advantages with Our Redesigned Rear Hub & Halfshaft Kit.

These replacement halfshaft units don't require complex shimming of the taper roller bearing / halfshaft end float & several special tools, including a hub puller, halfshaft puller, DTI / Clock gauge & some kind of supporting arrangement to hold the clock gauge, they don't use a taper roller bearing, halfshaft bearing strengthening plate, outer hub seal carrier & seal or any paper gaskets on the axle ends.

The halfshafts are generally stronger without the stress causing keyway or the problem causing taper fitting arrangement. 

Our halfshafts can be easily be replaced without special tools in about 15 minutes with this kit, if a halfshaft does break it will only break between the hub bearing mounted on the end of the axle tube & the diff unit, the car will then roll to a stop.

Because the weight of the car via the hub & wheel assembly are supported by a large easily obtainable bearing mounted securely in a bolted / mounted housing on the end of the axle and the halfshaft only being used to transmit drive, higher cornering loads are then fed into the new hub unit not the halfshaft, of course the halfshaft also lengthens the life of the bearing.

Better design of rear hub, possibly exceeding 'Andron' style rear hub strength (all new hubs made since the early 1990's)

There are some other advantages, email us on fourashesgarage@btconnect.com


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