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Birmingham Road, Pathlow
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Overdrive Conversion - Lagonda 2.6 & 3ltr

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An overdrive conversion for the Lagonda 2.6ltr & 3ltrs, this mounts in place of the extension housing on the front of the diff unit.

The extension is removed & a frame is fitted with the lightweight overdrive mounted to the frame, the floor pan under the rear seat needs modification to allow enough space for the nose of the overdrive unit.

This kit has been thoroughly tested in several cars, we have fitted 2 of these in our workshop.

Kit consists of all parts required to fit the conversion inc overdrive & frame, propshaft, speedo cable, inhibit switches & flick switch which is easily fitted in place of the oil level push button (on the ignition switch pad), the overdrive can easily be made to work on 3rd & 4th gears.

Makes Lagonda's easier & more pleasant to drive, with the gearing somewhere around 24mph per 1000 rpm if using the STD ratio of 4.1:1 in your diff & crossply tyres, slightly less with radial tyres, the overdrive can be engaged at about 50 mph or above.

The overdrive unit is based upon a type which was available in 1960s, this is a little smaller than the A type fitted to the DB MkIII, DB4 & early DB5.

Can be fitted in our workshop or sent out as a kit with full instructions.