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1) Servicing your Feltham Aston Martin DB2 to DB MkIII

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Before you start, always use /wear appropriate PPE & Safety equipment, that is: overalls, eye  protection, latex or mechanics / suitable gloves, safety boots, knee pads if you can, qood quality jack prefably a trolley jack, good quality axle stands with wide bases.

Grease guns are also dangerous as the grease builds uip to quiite a high pressure,especially on blocked gease nipples,  brake fluid is very toxic so be careful.

We recommend the engine oil is changed annually if you are covering about 5000 miles per year or less but annually as oil is cheaper than an engine.

the parts you will need at hand before you start: 

Engine Oil Service kit comprising of

1 x good quality engine flush agent

1 x oil filter with the correct bowl ring seal, good quality not necesarily off Ebay as their are counterfeit goods sold on there, not of great quality. 

8.5 ltrs engine oil for a DB2 to DB 2/4 MkII, we advise Millers Classic 20/50 for fresh engines with up to 2000 miles on them or Millers Classic Sport 20/50 semi synthetic oil for all others including race engines, might need another ltr or so if it has an oil cooler.

9.25 ltrs for a STD MkIII, a ltr or more is it has an oil cooler, if you have a MkIII where the engine has been rebuilt by us it may  have had the distick altered so it will hold roughly 12 ltrs of the above engine oil, so fill  with the 9.25ltrs then check the oil, if it is over the max run the engine, if it is not add the rest one ltr at a time untill the level is over the max, then run the engine. 

1 x oil drain plug sealing washer

We recommend the gearbox oil is also changed every 5000 miles or annually ass it is a dirty gearbox, the axle oil every 4/5 years or 20000 miles unless car is fitted with LSD then more often.

Minor Oil Service kit  is with the above  plus:

1 x gearbox drain plug seal

1 x overdrive drain plug seal

1 x overdrive fill plug seal if its one of our conversions, if not the plug is a taper 3/8" bsp with a square hex drive

1.3 ltrs SAE 90 (non EP) oil for the gearbox instead of the engine oil originally specified

1.2ltrs SAE 90 oil  for the overdrive, again instead of engine oil - if needed -  we sell 2.5ltr bottles 

Major Oil Service kit, comprising of the above plus:

1.42ltrs of EP 80/90 axle oil or EP90 LS axle oil for LSDs, we only sell this in ltr bottles

Firstly - Run the car up the road no more that 4 miles, otherwise you will possibly need the services of a doctor for blistered hands.

2nd - Put the flushing agent in the the engine oil filler, run the engine at idle for 15 minutes.

3rd Jack the car up on level solid ground, when jacking from one end /side 1st put chocks under one wheel, preferably a rear, as the front suspension design make the front wheels move a lot on Feltham cars so let the wheels of your trolley jack move.

Jack the front up 1st with the bonnet closed


On all Feltham cars you use the jacking pads under the front suspension upright -  see photo 

On MkIIs & MkIIIs you can jack the side up from under the jacking tube under the sill

Or you can jack the back of the car up from under the diff.

Always use axle stands in pairs, these can be put under the chassis at the rear as shown


You can put the axle stands under the outer ribs of the alloy cross tube directly under the front shocks, as shown