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2) Oil Filter Assembling - All Cars Fitted With Cartridge Or Element Type Filter


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Article written by Chris Adams of Four Ashes Garage Ltd, please don't copy or reproduce it without my written permission -   If you don't agree with this article please close it & email us to tell us why                                                                                      

Four Ashes Garage Ltd  © 2011 this version written in July 2017

Please read all as there are more notes at the bottom.

Often we come across incorrectly assembled oil filters, missing or wrong parts fitted, even by other garages, as this style of element filter is not common now.

This often involves not fitting the bottom sprung loaded filter plate (it sticks to the old filter element & people don't realise) or just not assembling it right, especially if the horse shoe shaped clip is missing.

We keep all of the parts for the filter assembly  in stock,:  oil filters with correct sealing rings (please note that part numbers 75828 & 75829 come complete on the oil filter as shown), centre bolt, outer bowl, dished pressed bottom washer , bottom seal for dished washer, inner filter locating plates, rubber seal for locating plate, steel washer for locating plate & horse shoe shaped wire locating clip which is easier than the round wire clip.

So here goes:

The filter bowl should be clean outside & inside with no grazes or scratches to the rim, and a flat face where the filter bolt & dished washer locates, if it is bent inwards it needs straightening using a round flat ended form tool of about 7/8" or 22mm on the inside & a press or vice.

Once the bowl is flat at the base make sure the bolt still goes through the hole.

The bowls on an Aston are painted a very pale green which we have made up for us, this should carried out if required before fitting.  (we offer exchange filter bowls painted in the correct shade of green in 2 pack paint)

From drawing / photo no 2 (DB5 to DBS 6 in last photo) - The 1st item fitted on the bolt (6) is the dished washer / stiffening plate (pressed part about 3 to 4mm thick or a machined part on a DB5/6/S6), then put thick rubber O ring (7)-  this should be a square section rubber ring but thats not available any longer, the next item on the bolt (6) is the filter bowl.

Inside the bowl fit the spring (5) 1st, this is just a little bit larger than the ID of the bolt, then fit the 3/8" x 7/8" OD steel flat washer (4) & then the flat rubber seal (3), this presses up against the next item, the lower filter locating plate (2) which is a pressed out top hat washer.

Carefully fit the little horse shoe clip if there is one to the filter bolt, it fits in the groove on the bolt, you an do this with a piece of small bore electrical plastic conduit tube, sometimes there isn't a groove for it to locate in but fit it anyway as it keeps all the parts you need within the casing the next time you change the filter.

If the wire clip is fitted it makes it very much easier to align the bowl to the oil filter head, especially important on a DB4/5/ 6 or DBS where the bowl is on an 45° angle or more.

The oil filter element fits next or lastly.

Change the filter rubber ring in the head using a sharp point to flick it out, make sure that you have the correct filter ring - the thin rectangular one fits DB5 to DBS 6, this is often marked with xxx paint, the slightly thicker one marked with xxx paint is for DB2 to MkIII.

Put a thin smear of clean grease on the rubber ring to help locate the ring in the filter head & stop it snagging & tearing.

Shown in the 1st photo is how they should be assembled from the head on the top left to the the bolt on the mid right.

The last photo of a DB5 to DBS 6 bolt assembly includes the snap ring & upper locating ring for the filter head.