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STEEL CONNECTING RODS for DB4 to DBS6    (This applies to connecting rods for these engines - we expect more poor quality copies to be made for the other engines soon, we know AM V8 rods to 88 are being made in China but may not be on the market, yet !)

NOTE: It has come to our attention that connecting rods that look similar to the good quality H beam rods that reputable Aston Martin Specialists sell are now being made (in China maybe ?), sadly the quality isn't there. these rods are being sold by some rogue so called 'Aston Martin' specialists.

When buying your connecting rods enquire who makes them & where they are made, get a 'certificate of conformity' or 'quality certicate' !

Don't let these idiots ruin your car & our (good AML specialists) reputation as if they fail they will scythe the engine in halve at worst or wreck the crank at best !!!!! See top photo, thats an original DB2/4 3ltr connecting rods.