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DB7 Polybush Suspension Kits

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We can supply complete or part  Polybush & non Polybush (where they don't make an equivalent bush kit)  polyurethane suspension & steering bush kits, normally from stock, if you send us an email we will send you a PDF price list.

Get the right Polybush bushes for your DB7 from us, using Polybush themselves isn't easy as the quantities needed are incorrect, their website is difficult to use & so on.

Normally supplied off stock but if not supplied within a couple of days.

Please see our bush fitting guide for 'steel lined outer' bushes that are pressed into an arm - i.e: the rear trailing arm bushes on a DB7 or Jaguar with independant rear suspension.

NigelS, a contributor on the AMOC Forum, bought his Polybushes from us & fitted them on his DB7 i6 Volante & stated that the bushes transformed the car, he had them fitted front & rear, since then we have introduced the rack bushes.