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DB7, Jaguar & Tvr Rear Camber / Driveshaft Shims.

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DB7 rear camber shims, also any other car using Jaguar rear suspension / subframe / independant rear suspension,  these fit on the driveshaft, including some TVR models.

To increase camber to negative (wheel leans in at top) , remove shims from your driveshaft, to decrease  (add positive) camber add shims, 

You may need to remove the original shims & use several of our shims to produce the correct results or get one of our 8mm shims ground to the correct thickness.

Note that these shims are nominal thicknesses, not exact as steel comes in at under stated figures.

Each change of 0.5mm gives just under 1/2° to a full 1/2° movement.

We have these in 4 thickness's

4mm - fitting this instead of the 8mm should be 4°

8mm - these are what the factory often use to achieve the desired factory setting

1.5mm - fitting 2 of these instead of the 8mm should give 5°