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Birmingham Road, Pathlow
Stratford-Upon-Avon, CV37 0EP

025-024-0001 RHD DB5 or 055-024-0001 DB6 RHD Steering Rack - Manual (not Power Assisted)

  • Manufacturers Description: Steering Box Assembly
  • Manufacturers Part No: DB5: 025-024-0001 RHD
  • Manufacturers Part No: Late DB5 & allDB6: 055-024-0001 RHD
  • Stock: 2
  • Our Price includes VAT @: 20%
  • Actual Price: £4,197.60


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New DB5/6 manual RHD steering rack (not PAS) complete. Reverse engineered from original used & new parts.


025-024-0001 LHD/ 055-024-0001 LHD  steerring rack parts being made at the time ready for assembly into complete steering racks or parts sales

Will fit DB4

Comes with high quality greasable track rod ends, not the original AML or MG Midget type

These racks are fitted with chemi blacked steel covers, the bare alloy casting remains as exactly that which was original on a DB5 (verified 25/04/19 on 60k original DB5), painted black on a DB6 (unless someone can tell me different), the rack arms are painted black as original.

We have manufactured all of the parts for this project including the steering arms which we hadn't made until recently (late 2018).

The early DB5 rack is visually identical to the later DB5 & 6 rack except for the lower pinion housing which has a different part number, these contain different parts to the later rack (most of the parts are now unobtainable) but we can sell all the parts to convert the early DB5 rack to more durable & easier to repair later rack.

These racks are assembled by Kiley Clinton Engineering Ltd, steering specialists, they are very pleased with our endeavours and are happy to build them for us.

Kiley Clinton Engineering Ltd,

52 to 53 Birchall Street,

Birmingham B12 0RP,

O121 772 8000

They can also be bought direct from Kiley Clinton at the same price that we sell them for, any component we have manufactured for this project is also the same price.

If you want PAS fitted speak to GTC Engineering about their EPAC column mounted units.



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