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Birmingham Road, Pathlow
Stratford-Upon-Avon, CV37 0EP

DB4 S1 & DB4 GT Door Drop Glass To Roof Gutter Seal

  • Manufacturers ID: 030-017-0012
  • Manufacturer ID: 30-17-12
  • Stock: 12
  • Our Price includes VAT @: 20%
  • Actual Price: £99.00


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DB4 S1, DB4 GT & possibly DB4 GT Zagato door glass to roof gutter moulding seal.

After rebuilding a DB4 GT we realised that no one made a good seal that fitted well, looked good & worked.

We have had this made in 2009, fitted to at least 40 cars in the last 6 years, now selling our 3rd batch.

As supplied to many other AML leading specialists. 

Price shown is for DB4 Series One, which is 150 cms

Email for price on a DB4 GT length, which is 105 cms

same as DB4 & 5 Convertible upper A post seal