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Custom Exhaust Systems

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We are frequently asked to make custom exhaust systems including silencers in stainless, for other cars, we can now make these in co-operaration with our exhaust manifold manufacturer, we can also make custom systems for certain Astons.

We have already made a few systems:

a race Riley One Point Five manifold & system improved power to an astonishing 121bhp from 1622cc on 2 x 1.75 SU's, then 128bhp when fitted with a 45DCOE Weber carb.

a Healey 3000 with a Jaguar 3.8ltr engine, the full manifold & system upped power but reduced overall running temperature, this stopped the car pinking as there was also restrictions / back pressure was reduced.

An RGS Atalanta with an Aston Martin engine, this system along with the triple SU service dept manifold allows the 2.6ltr engine to give well over 200 bhp.

Not cheap, but the best never is !