The original brakes on DB2's & DB2/4's are a single Girling system with 1" master cylinder & 1" wheel or slave cylinders.

There are 2 wheel cylinders per front wheel operating twin leading shoes in a 12" brake drum & a single, twin piston cylinder operating a leading & trailing shoe in a 12" brake drum.

The Handbrake is of an Umbrella Type on a DB2 & DB2/4 MkI & DB MkIII is alongside the Drivers Door A post by the drivers knee, this operates the brakes via cables to the drums, then an operating link / pull rod is built in to the wheel cylinder then pushes out 2 push rods via 2 small rollers.

The Handbrake on a DB2/4 MkII is via a centrally mounted Chrome fly off lever which then operates the cables & links as the earlier / later system.

The brake drums are either cast iron or optional Alfin types all round.


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