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Birmingham Road, Pathlow
Stratford-Upon-Avon, CV37 0EP

AM Badges

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Most if not all DB2s should have 2 part badges, with ' ASTON MARTIN' on them, this continued on the DB2/4 until the badges ran out, the next badge was a one piece badge with DAVID BROWN - ASTON MARTIN on two lines, all had a Chrome background.

As a point of interest the badges were made until recently by J.Frey and Sons in Birmingham & it was designed by a friend of our's mother in the late forties.

Early DB2 two part badges can be refurbished as can DB2/4 one piece badges, we prefer to do this rather than supply new ones.

New badges can be supplied for these DB2/4 on with DAVID BROWN - ASTON MARTIN'  but have to be carefully bent, if they crack in the enamel they have to be re - enamelled, this is difficult as the new AML badges are not as good as the older'original badges but it can be done.

Shown is a Badge that we have bent for a DB2/4, Jean likes the artistic approach which is why they were taken in the snow.