Exhaust Parts

DB MkIII's were equipped with a mild steel single pipe exhaust system as STD, this had a single central silencer with a Chromed tailpipe,with an angled end to the pipe, the system hanging from the chassis by 3 special rubber slings & fittings, this system with its original style slings generally last a long time.

An option was the Twiin System whereby a pair of mild steel pipes ran down each side of the car from the exhaust manifolds to a pair of rear mounted Chromed silencers, this system is hung from the chassis with 6 special (slightly shorter) rubber slings, these also last a long time, the twin exhaust system is reputedly worth 16 hp over the single system according to AM back in the day, both systems were specially made by Burgess for AM.

Both systems slings were hung from STD sets of brackets welded to the centre area of the chassis from chassis number AM300/3/1401, before that I think only the single system brackets were welded to the chassis, so extra brackets may need to be welded to the chassis for the twin system, the twin system rear sling mounting brackets are bolted to the chassis by the rear bumper bracket bolts, the slings are fitted through the body via rough cut (very) holes in the body


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