Carbs, Intake & Fuel System

The STD MkIII engine (known as the DBA) was equipped with 2 x 1.75" H6 SU carburettors, the engine produced 163bhp depending on whose you quote + and extra 16bhp for the addition of a twin pipe exhaust system to replace the STD single pipe system, the twin pipe exhaust had 2 silencers and the single pipe system just one silencer, making the twin pipe system rather rorty for modern day use. 

The next fuel system upgrade/option  from Aston Martin was the DBD engine of 1958 which came with 3 x 1.75" H6 SU carburettors (according to some sources some DBD engines came equipped with triple 35 DCO 3 carbsand manifold) on a very special looking long swept inlet manifold, this engine produced 180 bhp however these engines were nearly always equipped with the twin pipe exhaust, these engines used the same cams as the DBA just being re-timed and 8.6:1 compression ratio pistons, so the  DBD in std form wasn't very much more powerful than the DBA because the design of the manifold was wrong, we have corrected this with our version of this manifold with our best DBD engine devoloping 235bhp. 

The final production upgrade of the DB engine was the DBB which came equipped with 3 x 35DCO 3 twin choke carburettors, a one piece inlet manifold with quite short wrongly shaped ports & special Production DB3S camshafts. This engine gave 195bhp according to Aston Martin which we have verfified on the one largely original DBB engine dyno test we carried out.

The anomaly is the DBC engine of which there was officially one car built with this engine, unofficially another car built with this engine & we have worked on a DB MkIII where the engine was passed over to the racing dept to upgrade to DB3S spec and having partially stripped the engine, it still was DB3S spec in 2006. The spec of these engines was high compression 9.5:1 pistons, special connecting rods, special cams (Works DB3S ?) triple 45 DCOE carburettors, (the one we worked on had 45DCO 3 carbs), this engine gave 215 bhp. 

We make several inlet manifold styles based on original manifolds but with large improvements in engine performance.

NOTE All of our inlet manifolds are capable of running fuel injection systems to reduce emissions for inner city use.



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