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DB MkIII / Lucas Screen Wash Jets, Sockets & Gasket Kits

  • Manufacturers Part No: 54746
  • Manufacturers Description: Accessory Kit (Inc. Jet Parts)
  • Stock: awaiting tooling to make more
  • Our Price includes VAT @: 20%
  • Actual Price: £103.19


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Rare Lucas screen washer nozzles / jets & the ball sockets, the type that fit between the two stainless plates and are held to the body by 2 screws.

The balls & jets are an accurate reproduction (made in the UK) in stainless steel, the locating plates are being made but the tooling is very expensive, we have used the few original ones we had left but have 2 left to use a patterns.

'I got to see one of your jets today that my friend Jeff bought from you. Absolutely beautiful workmanship! Very accurate jet as they look just like the original set I have.' Larry Hall, USA, Cobra owner, Club Cobra poster, March 2014.

A complete one including the stainless plates is shown in the picture for clarity, with another showing kit of parts except screws.

These were fitted to DB MkIII Saloon's, DHC's & FHC's & a few other 1950's, 60's & 70's cars like the AC Cobra (Thames Ditton leaf sprung type ?), some Morgans, Gilberns, Jensen CV8 Mk2 & Mk3 (possibly other models), Daimler Darts, even some Maserati's, originally  available in single jet & twin jet, however we usually only stock the single jet as that was fitted to the MkIII but we can have them altered to twin jet at a small extra cost, angle of spray 70° approx.

Available as a complete car set, single side set or individual parts - 2 nozzles & 2 ball sockets per car.

The jet / nozzle has the correct serrated (not knurled) edge as the photo.

Our price is £103.19 inc VAT for complete new  single side kits with single jet nozzle including plates, gaskets & chrome screws or £206.38 inc VAT per car set.

Individual prices are:

£24 for the ball,

£24 for the serrated single nozzle, the twin jet is here

£22.50 for the cup / clamp or shaped plates, as of March 1st 2021 we are out of stock of this part but might be having it made.

£7.50 for the flat plate, £4.99 for the rubber gasket

& the 4 chrome screws and a couple of spare are £3.00,

Making a total of £85.99, this is the price if you live outside of the UK.

Mostly we are able to post as the package is small.

 We now need to get the cup or cover plates stamped out as there are none left March 2014