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Parts Overview

Parts Overview, Please note that we are an Independent Aston Martin Specialist selling our own remanufactured parts 1st & foremost.

We also sell Aston Martin's original parts bought from Aston Martin's dealer network & other parts from other AM specialists

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Shown on the Home page there are a series of links on the right, these are our standard range of parts, this is only a small selection of them, a lot of these parts are unique to Four Ashes Garage Ltd, a lot of what you buy from other Aston Specialist's will have come from Four Ashes.

Remember our prices on these pages include VAT @ 20%, if you are a resident outside the EU this tax is not charged.

In Total we keep around £500,000 worth of stock from DB2 to DB7 excluding Virage parts.

We have a huge amount of std and improved parts (nearly all designed by Chris of Four Ashes) made for us by various local machine shops, some specialising in Formula 1 parts & to F1 Quality, our own workshop needs a good supply of quality parts, this includes a large amount of engine, brake, suspension & transmission parts including most of the gaskets for the engine except head gaskets which we buy in from another specialist, we also have gaskets made for the gearbox & axles.

We have improved parts made but there is a call for 'as original parts' now, like period correct Imperial brake nuts & tubing, not the more durable brass nuts & copper pipe, etc.

For the DB4:

We are supplied by (& supply them with some of our parts) Aston Service Dorset & Aston Martin Heritage Dealers for DB4 parts, however we also, as previously stated, have some of these parts made ourselves.

For DB5 on up to DB7:

We have close contacts with several of Aston Martin Lagonda's Heritage Dealers, this means we can find out Genuine parts availability & price, then can order parts for you, we also supply many of these parts ourselves, we also receive many flyers from other specialists with their parts, however -

Rare parts:

We often find that more specialised parts are not made anywhere, so we look at the existing part, pattern or even photo's, see if it needs improving, we then have the part drawn out, copying the original if possible with the modifications as required, after all none of us want a part that had the same faults as when it was originally manufactured, we then get a (normally local) UK company to make it for us.

Part Enquiries

Please use our Parts Enquiry Form for a faster return, this is on an easy to use MS Excel spreadsheet, just fill it in & save it under your name & date code, email it to us & we will try to email back asap.

We give advice on fitting our parts freely to an extent, but please don't ask us to give away hard won knowledge !

If you want it to fit properly & look good, try us - we fit most of our parts in our own workshops, this way we can test the fit & provide fitting advice, then we test the parts on our own cars.

If you want it cheaper, Well, Good Luck & don't bother ringing for fitting advice as others have done in the past when it doesn't fit !

We have several very good parcel delivery companies including UPS, Fedex, etc. and can send parts ANYWHERE in the world.

We have many rare and out of print catalogues for Aston Martin & Classic cars from the fifties, sixties & seventies, although some are not any use any more.

We have the following; 2 x Lucas Master Catalogue, Trico, Smiths instruments, Girling catalogues, Dunlop catalogues, Armstrong catalogue (not a good one) & many more, these enable us to identify parts & numbers fitted to various AM models and chase them if still available, if not when we make the parts we can part number them to help other Marques with our parts.

Parts Mission

To supply good quality parts to our customers that we know fit & do the job that they were intended to do.

We make good quality parts that fit, we generally like to supply parts kits, you may see similar parts advertised by our competitors but beware as you may just need this part or that part to fit (on top of the parts you have already paid for), ie; our DB2 disc brake kits contain all the parts including the rear brake parts, king pin taper pins, etc. needed to enable you to fit the disc kit.

We try very hard to make all the parts fit before they leave our workshop.

We supply a great many unique improvements, both aesthetic & practical to maximise your pleasure & enjoyment of these fine cars, on the left side bars are some of those parts.

Our parts & various suppliers

For the DB2 to the MkIII click here

Please note that we are Independent Aston Martin Specialists & have no connection with Aston Martin themselves other than selling their parts.

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