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Hella Bonnet, Interior, Glovebox & Boot Lamp Lens (bathtub Type) with LED bulb

  • Manufacturer Description: Bonnet, Boot, Interior, Glovebox Lamp replacement lens only
  • Our Price Includes VAT @: 20%
  • Manufactuers Part No.: 022-037-0253 lens only
  • Manufacturer Part No: 020-037-0121 lens only
  • Manufacturer Part No.: 055-037-0001 lens only
  • Manufacturers Part No: 78648 lens only, 78454 lens only
  • Actual Price: £45.60


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Hella Bonnet & Interior (Glovebox) Lamp Replacement Lens, this is the bathtub shaped frosted lens, we have remade them in plastic but were originally in glass - which are a little too easily damaged as we have several surrounds but no lens's

Fits DB2/4 MkII map lamp, which is the 1st model of AM it is fitted to, through the MkIII (bonnet & glovebox), DB4 , DB5, DB6 (glovebox & boot), DBS 6 & DBS V8 (boot) which is the last model it is fitted to , it has numerous part numbers

Photos are of prototype, the lens is fitted to the surround in the photo with the pink background, the lens has small air bubbles in it which wont be in the production ones.

Fits in the chrome frame or surround & sometimes has a deflector over the top (the part number of the lamp then becomes 78648)  as last photo

Uses LED festoon 6 Watt equivalent bulb which is supplied so that the bulb doesn't melt or dis-colour the lens.

TIP -they just need carefully easing into place past the rubber collars on the screws on the surround.

Fits the lamps with part numbers as listed.

An original glass lens is shown on picture 5

New batch supplied Sept 22 so slight price increase to £38+ taxes due to material costs