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 The DB4, DB5 & DB6 has a very similar cooling system with just minor changes & a DB4 radiator should fit a DB6 & vice versa.





HosesDB4 to DB6 cowls

DB4, 5 & 6 Radiator top & bottom frames
Radiator frames, laser cut in mild steel, for DB4, DB5 & DB6. They locate the radiator cowl via 4 x 3/16" slots top & bottom
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Lower Rad Mount DB5/6/S6/V8
lower rad mount with 3/8" unf threads, used on: DB5 DB6 DBS DBS V8 AM V8...
Actual Price:  £15.60
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Radiator Cap 7lbs
Radiator cap, large dia as original with 7lbs blow off pressure, Stainless body - looks like chrome. Available in 4lbs...
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