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Block or Crankcase Sump Face Reinforcing plate / girdle / brace, fits 2.6 & 3ltr

Block or Crankcase Reinforcing plate / girdle / brace, fits DB2 2.6ltr to MkII 3ltr VB6 series engines as the block sump face is the same,

The girdle is of laser cut ladder style construction, this bolts to the block sump mounting face using countersunk cap screws & the 2 centre cheese set screws, thus helping eliminate flex in original blocks, comes with cap screws & fasteners, longer sump bolts & washers, instructions to fit.

Essential for a 2.6 ltr engine with any increase in horsepower over the std 125 bhp of the DB2 Vantage (with 4 bolt carburettor flanges) as the block sump mounting face when new is considerably thinner than a 3ltr block, this could be even thinner 65 or so years later after some machining of the sump face which people carry out, often unnecessarily.

This 'girdle' or 'brace' fits perfectly as we have tailored it several times. 

We use them on both 'original 2.6 & 3ltr blocks' when tuning these engines, with most non race 2.6ltrs giving about 200 bhp when fitted with the right parts.

The plate helps stop block flex which will eventually damage the crank & bearings.

New Flint or Vitus engineering blocks are expected to be strong enough to cope with about 290hp, the horse power levels are not near that at present but getting closer.



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