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Overdrive kit for DB MkIII (or DB2/4 MkIII) from ch no 1401, Laycock de Normanville

Overdrive kit that fits to back of the existing 4 speed gearbox as 'originally made by AML', you need to rebuild gearbox to enable this kit to be fitted as a new gearbox mainshaft is fitted.

The kit is complete with all parts necessary to fit it (but not to rebuild the gearbox itself), similar to original overdrive unit when cars were new but improved where required.

Fits all cars with little modification to tunnel & chassis from chassis number AM300/3/1401 on, just a tunnel carpet retrim, for earlier cars see DB2 to MkII transmission section.

Drops RPM by useful 25% appox in rpm, ie at 1000 rpm original mph would be aprox 20mph, to 27mph @1000 rpm approx with overdrive. (using a std 3.77:1 axle ratio with radial 185 x 16 tyres) with a consequent decrease in fuel consumption, noise, stress - on the engine aswell as the occupants.

From Tony H, one of satisfied customers who had his MkIII  close ratio gearbox rebuilt with the overdrive parts & car mildly converted with the switch, new tunnel, etc. Wiring was already in place.

'Following the conversion of my Mk111 to overdrive last year, the transformation has been remarkable. The car sounds much less fussy and more relaxed when the overdrive is selected, with a smooth engage and disengage, quite apart from the significant reduction in rpm, decrease in future engine wear and improved fuel consumption. Cruising at motorway speeds both in the UK and in Europe is an even greater pleasure than before – if you use your car for long distance touring, the overdrive is a must! The conversion itself is seamless with all the correct controls exactly as if originally specified. ”

More on kit shortly.

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