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Hubs, Front & Rear DB2 to MkIII

Improved H/D Front hubs fitted with long lasting taper roller bearings as STD instead of inferior ball race bearings, suitable Drum or Disc brake applications. State whether Road or Race application.                              

See below for why you should fit uprated, heavy duty front hubs.

DB2 & DB2/4 MkI Heavy Duty rear hubs, these cars were fitted with the 3HA Lightweight axle identified by 4 bolt flanges where brake backplate bolts on, our hubs are an improved design with correctly machined taper,              

DB2/4 MkII & DB MkIII Heavy Duty rear hubs, these cars were fitted with the 4HA Heavy Duty axle, identified by 5 bolt flanges where brake backplate bolts on, our hubs are an improved design with a correctly machined taper,

All of our hubs are made to our own design, to very tight specifications (see Tech Section), made with a chemiblacked anti corrosive finish, Race & Rally Proven.  

Similar to Andron type, however - the Andron hubs that we have seen don't have the correct taper,

See transmission parts for further report on hubs and manufacture.

Safety Note:

The original front hubs had a circlip groove holding the outer (small) bearing in, this was a stress raiser which, if the front 'Knock on nut' were overtightened or the car driven hard, cracked & the end of the thread with the 'Knock on nut' still attached, fell off.

The wheel then fell off & disapeared into a hedge or tree or was never found again, this was a bugbear of Aston DB2 & later models for years..

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