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Wiring the Dipswitch correctly on a MkIII, Early DB4 & DB4 GT


When re-making the switches for the DB MkIII we realised that the electrical loads for the headlamps feed direct through the Hella Dipswitch, this is wrong as it is a potential risk for the (very rare) switch to fail, with the added problem of burnt out loom if it shorts.

The headlamps should be fed via a fused relay, easliy fitted under the dash, the Hella Dipswitch can then be wired as a switch for the relay with minimal loads only.

Wiring diagram here - the Copyright belongs to our Electrician, Neil Phillips so please don't copy it without permission from us or him.

 Dont use it if you think this is wrong or the article is wrong, please email us & tell us why.

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